Pre & Post Surgery Diet Instructions

Specific requirements will be provided at your Dietitian and Physician visits. Variations in foods which are allowed and the length of each diet phase will depend upon individualized needs. Liquid protein supplement and vitamin/mineral information will be provided from your Dietitian and/or Doctor’s office.

Pre-op Diet Guidelines

Prior to surgery, you will begin a pre-op diet for 3-14 days in order to lose fat around your stomach and liver which will make your surgery and recovery easier.  You will be asked to begin a low carbohydrate diet consisting of mostly liquid protein supplements.

Sample Post Operative Diet

WEEK 1: The week after surgery, you will consume clear liquids such as water, chicken broth, calorie free juices, sugar-free popsicles, and sugar-free gelatin. Clear liquid protein supplements will also be recommended.

WEEK 2: Advance to full liquids. You will be allowed to have clear liquids with the addition of low-fat milk products, low-fat cream soups, and liquid protein supplements.

WEEK 3: Continue on liquids and add in pureed textures.  Pureed foods consist of applesauce, cream of wheat, yogurt, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and blended/pureed soups.

WEEK 4: All foods from the previous weeks with addition of soft textured foods such as, fish, beans, deli meat, eggs, and stewed carrots. You will start with foods that are easily mashed with a fork then slowly start to add in regular textures as tolerated. 

The reason for patients being on liquids is to keep the stomach from working too hard, and also to decrease pressure on the band.

WEEK 5 AND ON - As you advance to your regular diet, you will be educated on how to choose healthier foods to maintain your weight loss. There may be some foods that might not be tolerated such as white breads, tough red meats, and fried foods. 

Pre-Surgery Diet

  • The pre-surgery diet consists of protein shakes as well as portions of various healthly foods.
  • No carbonated drinks
  • Dairy products should be low fat
  • No alcoholic beverages for the 7 days prior to surgery